Employees Explain Why Sprint's Customer Service Sucks

If you're living in the US, there's a good chance you're using a phone on one of the four major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. And phones today are built to work in more places with more network bands so it will be an even easier transition. Two-year contracts and employer-mandated phones can give the appearance of loyalty (retention) while unhappy customers are just waiting for the first chance to bolt.

J.D. Power and Associates ranked Sprint best in the purchase experience among full-service wireless providers, for the third year in a row. Mr. Hesse starts every weekly meeting with an update from Bob Johnson, Sprint's chief service officer, who is in charge of overhauling the customer service operations.

It is more important to have that I was aiming at the desert tortoise is an coyotes then it is the paying customers. Customer service sucks and hold 3 times over 1 hr. then found out they took over 650.00 out of my checking acct. For now, a new roaming agreement announced Sunday will allow Sprint customers to use T-Mobile's network in places where Sprint's is not available, giving them greater access to coverage.

Like most cell carriers, Sprint has some work to do when it comes to customer service. You'll end up with three great carriers with expensive data plans,” he said. Finally I told them I was not going to for the extended period of time on 5 phones. The manager of the store dialed some kind of secret magical number and handed me their phone to speak with some big chief, or the "king of Sprint", or whatever.

I wish I had read this Sprint prior to agreeing to pay Sprint for that lack of service for two years. I want the $800.00 charge off my bill, I want all late fees taken off and I will pay my monthly bill as I was for the last years of being a sprint customer or I will leave sprint all together.

Shin and Sudhir note that one study found that, for business-to-business companies, the top 20% of customers are generally responsible for 150%-300% of total profits, while the company breaks even on the middle 70% of customers and has losses on the bottom 10%.

I was instructed to report to a nearby AT&T store with two photo IDs and three Sprint bills to prove I was me. Once I did, and the AT&T lady received confirmation from the store clerk (still via my girlfriend's phone), she told the Sprint guy that I could return to Sprint's fold.

He stated he needed to speak to his manager, "why wouldn't the manager come out to speak to me." they said you need to pay the $800.00 I told them I do not have $800.00 I want the phone turn back on and keep my account open with the I phone 8 with my monthly payments, he told me again pay the $800.

There are a lot of phones, 20 million on Sprint specifically, that work with both networks, and can take advantage of this new arrangement now. Consequently, their customers could see coverage and data speeds improve as a result of the combined network postmerger.

I called Customer Service and they told me that even though I WANTED TO STAY with Sprint they would not waive the $200 early termination fee, I decided to take my chances and go into a store. Sprint Global Roaming gives you low-speed data” in 165 destinations for free and lets you make calls for 20 cents per minute.

I told her that she was not making any sense and she starting scream at me and treating me that the account will get closed and they will turn my service off. Consider which features you'll need the most, plus which one has strongest network coverage in your area, before deciding between T-Mobile and Sprint.

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